Here are some of the frequently asked questions about dental implants and implant dentistry at Perth Implant, Surgical and Sedation Dentistry. Please contact us for answers to your specific questions.


Dental implants are an alternative to traditional bridgework or dentures. A natural, attractive and comfortable solution, dental implants utilise artificial teeth which are secured permanently to the jaw, replacing damaged or missing teeth. Dental implants allow for improved mouth function. They are effective for preserving surrounding healthy teeth, as well as facial bone and natural jaw structure.
Dental implants are one solution for anyone seeking replacements for missing teeth. They are suitable for all age groups as long as the recipient is in good health and growth of the jaw is complete. In most cases, at the site of the missing teeth, enough bone must be present in the area to provide sufficient anchorage for the implants. However, we can also provide grafting or augmentation procedures to create additional bone for the dental implants in cases where teeth have been missing for a long period of time and bone loss has occurred as a result.
Yes. We can either replace your dentures altogether with a fixed set of teeth supported by implants, or as a simpler and less expensive measure, stabilise your dentures with a lesser number of implants.
Ideally, candidates should be in good general health and have healthy teeth and gums. However, some patients suffer from diseased teeth and/or gums. In many of these cases the only way to proceed is to remove the diseased teeth. Once the jaw is free of dental disease, this provides a healthy foundation for a new set of functional teeth. In such cases, we often perform removal of the diseased teeth and tissue, with immediate dental implant replacement and restoration of the full mouth as per our ?All-on-4 Endure? technique.
Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple missing or heavily broken down teeth or for the replacement of a whole set of teeth (full arch or full mouth reconstruction).
Dental implants are a popular method for stabilising or replacing dentures, overcoming issues such as discomfort, friction against the gum, reduced function and shrinkage of the face and jaws bones.

Dental Implants offer:
A natural smile
Comfortable and natural function
Stronger and secure teeth
A permanent solution for missing teeth
A reduction of speech impediments
Restoration and preservation of the normal shape of the mouth, jaws and face.

Our practice principal, Dr Misagh Habibi will carry out a comprehensive assessment and discuss the best method of treatment, cost options and a plan of action. Techniques such as sedation dentistry, used for patient comfort, will also be explained. Recommended procedures will vary depending on your individual circumstances.
Using Cone Beam or CT technology allows us to visualise your jaw anatomy, pinpoint where implants need to be placed, analyse bone thickness and height and locate nerves, blood vessels, sinuses and other teeth. As we use a lot of 3–D imaging for planning, our patients receive special rates at Perth Radiology Clinic (PRC). In complex cases we also use ‘SimPlant Technology’ to virtually plan your surgery and expected results before replicating the procedure in your mouth.
During the healing period, usually three to six months, temporary solutions will be made for the missing teeth. Various options are available and will be discussed with you in order to find the best solution. Sometimes temporary teeth are attached immediately to the implants, but care is required to maintain a liquid-soft diet on the affected region whilst the implants integrate in the bone for 2-3 months.
Each case is different depending on your individual requirements. We provide all implant-related treatments in house, from start to finish, saving you trips (and fees) involved in visiting numerous dental service providers. We detail all costs involved, before any treatment is carried out and can discuss various payment options. Ask us for more information.

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